Say it with Flags! The Making of a Flag The Artist

Integrated into each "flag" are various objects, which have personal significance for the recipient of the finished work. Anything from photographs, lottery tickets, artifacts of loved ones; nothing is impossible within the constraints of the canvas. The result is that each flag is absolutely unique, although, each flag unmistakably represents one of the 26 letters of the Roman alphabet.

fig.1 assorted personal
items, raw materials for a
personalized flag.
Incorporated into the overall design of the pair of flags (C&G) painted for King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, are a royal insignia and references to Sweden, including early Norse cave drawings, birch bark, and an actual WASA cracker, sealed for eternity.

A typical commission is comprised of a single letter, or 2-3 initials pertinent to a person, a company or an event, although occasionally a whole word or even a sentence has been ordered.Some large corporations have their motto hanging in the foyer spelled out in flags. The Flag Art ensemble on the right was commisioned to celebrate the fusion of Karstadt and Quelle. A central "star sign" is framed by the names of both companies.